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Air Freight Services

Global Air Freight Shipping Services

TS Freight offers a comprehensive range of air freight forwarding services provider with guaranteed distribution to and from all major airports in the world. With our import and export services and the counterpart agents’ network, we are able to provide speedy and efficient service which will reduce not only the freight costs but also the transportation on time.

Our service includes:

  • Specialized customs clearance
  • On-site attendance
  • Service options for Air Freight movements
  • Airport to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Import and export
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Custom clearance
  • Trans shipments handling
  • Charter Flight – Service & Operation
  • Warehousing and distribution

TS  Freight is a popular and highly reputed international air freight company and international shipping company from China that has got a niche through its hard working team members and continued commitment for past many years.

We are working as a one stop solution for all the international air cargo shipping clients, so as to meet their specific needs. We have a well trained, professional and specialized team of members offering global services and customized solutions.

We have designed our services in such a way, so as to cater our client’s requirements or needs, whether it is based on the budget constraint or the time constraint, in case of international air shipping.

We understand that on time delivery of cargo is essential for the growth and expansion of a business enterprise. So, we assure and provide our clients with the services from the professional and knowledgeable experts in the air freight industry that also takes time sensitivity and responsibility of perfect on time delivery in consideration.

Our supply chain professionals have expertise and specialisation to help you every time and all along. Firstly, we understand the basic nature of your business, so as to provide you with the fastest and least cumbersome way to get your cargo supplied from the source to the destination. As a result of this on time delivery of cargo, there is a rapid growth and expansion of the business enterprise, as the time moves on round the clock.

TS Freight handles all the nuances from the very beginning of booking of shipping, arranging for the transport and air carrier to the destination with the delivery of cargo on time. In other words, it would not be incorrect to say that TS Freight can be considered as a trusted and perfect logistics partner responsible for handling all your international air freight services from China.

Apart from the above mentioned services, it also provides several other reliable services. It assures a 100 percent guaranteed and satisfactory results for its valued clients.

  • All the major airports within as well as abroad are covered under the Air freight shipping services.
  • The services provided by us are cost-effective, convenient and high quality services.
  • Also, we ensure a safe and on time delivery of the cargo.

TS Freight offers excellent, reliable, flexible and responsible air freight solutions that are particularly designed with an objective of its client’s satisfaction. Further, we offer high quality services to our clients with a low degree of disappointment.