Shipping to Amazon FBA


Full Service e-commerce Management

FCL deliveries to Amazon

We offer sending FLC containers from and to any Amazon FBA facility worldwide.

LCL delivery to Amazon

LCL delivery is available from and to any Amazon FBA facility worldwide.

Work Preparation

Customs clearance, sorting, labeling and palletizing, document preparation, VAT & EIN Registration.

Amazon Handover

Stop shipments at any of our warehouses, and turn them over to Amazon partner carriers.

Amazon Consolidations

Combine LCL shipments from China and other shippers to deliver on a budget directly to Amazon.

Express Delivery & Air Freight

Get your smaller, more urgent shipments delivered to Amazon by UPS, FedEx, or DHL at discounted rates

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer long-term and short-term storage worldwide.

Foreign Importers

We cooperate with international importers to ship their goods to Amazon facilities.

Your Freight Forwarder for Amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA USA, UK & EU

Amazon’s popularity has skyrocketed and millions of people from all over the world consider it as a viable platform on which they can sell their products.

Most sellers actually send their goods from China to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers in the US, UK, EU countries, Central and South America. Regardless of which Amazon FBA you’d like to ship your goods, we can help you. China TS Freight is able to ship your goods to almost any location around the world, including the US, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, the UK and more.

We can take care of each and every aspect of the shipping process, including collecting the goods, clearing customs and contacting Amazon so the goods can be shipped and deposited safely in their warehouses.

Whether you plan on shipping large shipments, small parcels or have something shipped urgently, we’re more than happy to help you. We have a variety of shipping options you can choose from, based on your budget and specific needs.