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China to Australia

Freight Shipping from China to Australia

At TS Freight, we offer our customers completely integrated cargo shipping to Australia services, which have been customized to suit their individual needs. Our team of trained professionals arrange for cargo shipping from China by assuring collection, processing, documentation, handling, shipping to Australia and finally ensure that all your precious cargo has been delivered to the final destination in Australia. We ensure that all international custom clearance is taken care of, and that the cargo is packed and transported without any delays or damages incurred.

Why choose us?

We understand better than anyone how cumbersome and lengthy international freight shipping from China to Australia can be. This is why, we have created a highly streamlined process that takes a step by step approach to ensure that the cargo is efficiently collected from our client in China, and safely delivered to the destination in Australia, with the least number of steps involved. We have trained our staff to professionally and meticulously carry out this process so that we can offer to our clients speed, agility and efficiency for all their logistic and transportation needs.

The ten years of experience that we have garnered in the logistics and freight shipping industry has given us the ability to foresee any glitches in your order, should they occur, and handle them promptly to avoid delay in shipping.

What do we offer?

For those looking for highly efficient and affordable cargo shipping to Australia services, we offer:
* Ocean freight services
* Air freight services
* Pickup and Delivery services
* Custom brokerage services

“If you are looking for customized shipping from China to Australia services, please feel free to get in touch with us via email or a phone call, and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Our services can be modified to suit your logistics and transportation needs based on the kind of cargo and the timeline for delivery you are seeking.”

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