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Excellent Tips For Packing Fragile Items for Export

Sending fragile items overseas can be pretty challenging, but the truth is that there are a few things you can consider in order to ensure they’re going to arrive safely to their destination. Therefore, no matter if you want to send a few antique vases or maybe a few hundred plates overseas, below we’re going to take a look at how you should package them.


If you’re shipping plates, then you need to ensure that they are vertically packed in medium and also small boxes that have been properly lined on the top and bottom with crumpled paper. Each plate should then be wrapped in bubble wrap and to make sure that they’re 100% safe during transit, you should also secure them with tape. Next, place paper between standing plates and make sure that you don’t over pack the box.


Paper lined small to medium boxes are recommended to be used when packing picture frames. If they stand more than eight inches though, then it’s recommended to put crumbled paper between the pieces. Use as much packing paper as needed in order to top the frames so they won’t move during transit. If you want to ship pictures that are more than three feet in size, then you need to secure them using a moving blanket.


When shipping lampshades overseas, you need to ensure that they’re boxed with the flat side facing downwards and by using a lot of paper. If required, you should use bubble wrap where needed and don’t forget to place the bases in a large box (if applicable).


Glasses need to be wrapped individually using packing paper, but make sure that you also use crumpled paper. This is going to be very useful when it comes to diminishing empty space. Use plenty of packing paper in order to line medium and small boxes both at the bottom and top and make sure that you also use paper to layer the spaces around the glasses. If you have heavy items, they should always be placed at the bottom of your box.

Specialty items

If you have oddly shaped items that you need to send overseas, you need to pack them in a lot of bubble wrap and then use tape to secure it. Use cardboard in order to envelop the item to be shipped and secure it with tape. Lastly, after you have taped the entire item (if required) properly, write “Fragile” on the package.