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FAQAt TS Freight, we understand that our clients might have a few questions about our working process and policies before they feel confident enough to hire our services. This is why; we have tried to create this list of frequently asked questions and provided the answers to the most general queries regarding our services on International transport or shipping from China. However, if you do not see your questions answered here, please feel free to contact us at

Q. Who handles the documentation that accompanies the freight?

When you get in touch with us to hire our services, we will let you know of the documents we require you to submit in order to be able to process your order. All consignments that travel internationally must be accompanied by the necessary documentation, which we will take care of.

Q. What does TS Freight offer with domestic and international freight?

We have a network of air cargo carriers that moves freight all over the world, while we use our own trucks for door-to-door domestic Inland transportation services. With our Air freight shipments, we have a variety of options in transit times to meet your requirements. We also offer sea freight facilities for larger cargo that doesn’t come with time sensitive delivery dates and have a cost effective rail freight option for our clients as well.

Q. How is the safety of my cargo guaranteed?

At TS Freight, we take our jobs seriously. This is why we have experts who will check all the cargo, make sure it is sealed and accompanied with all the necessary documentation at the place of origin. Once the cargo has been shipped, our staff members hold periodic checks along the way to ensure that none of the cargo has been tampered with and are still in the same mint condition. A report of the same is created and uploaded, so that our staff that checks the cargo once more at the point of destination can ensure that the cargo has reached in perfect condition. Should the cargo be tampered with, damaged or opened up along the way, we take complete responsibility of the same and hold an immediate inquiry. We strive to resolve the situation at our earliest possible, so that delivery of your cargo is not delayed.

Q. Who are your carrier partners?

We have partnered with the very best third party vendors in the industry and work with partners like Maersk, CMA, CSCL,COSCO, APL, Hanjin, CX, CZ, MU, OZ, NH, BR, UPS etc. We have strict procedures in place to ensure all carriers we use are fully compliant to handle the freight of our customers.

Q. How will I know of my expected delivery time?

At the time you book your cargo with us, we will give you an invoice with an expected time of delivery, though the exact time can vary based on the kind of service selected. We also keep our clients informed at all stages during transit time, so that they are well aware of when to expect exact delivery.

Q. What if I want to discuss some customer services related policies?

If you have any queries for us, our customer care staff will be more than happy to be of service. You can reach us via email at:

Q. How do you charge?

 All shipments are charged based on their cubic weight measurements, along with the kind of services you choose. We follow the best industry standard rates and offer our clients many cost effective packages for their logistics and transportation needs. Payments can be made via Wire Transfer, Western Union, Paypal.

Q. What if my consignment has reached the destination before its due?

We offer our clients complete logistics and transportation services under one roof. Our services are designed to include a combination of pick up, delivery and container storage facilities as well. So if your cargo has reached the destination before time, we offer warehouse facilities to store your cargo until you want to have it delivered, that too at very nominal rates.

Q. What advantages will I have if I choose air freight shipping?

The obvious advantage of air freight shipping is the speed with which your cargo can be delivered. While it could be costlier as compared to sea freight or rail freight shipment, when speed and time are of essence, this is the best way to get your shipment from origin to destination.

Q. When is sea freight shipment the best option?

If your cargo is bulky and not expected at the destination immediately, sea freight works out to be a safer and more economical option. It is easy to transport your goods anywhere in the world using our sea freight transportation option. However, keep in mind that cargo shipping can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, based on the destination the cargo needs to be delivered at.

Q. Are the services of TS Freight reliable?

We have built our business on honesty and have earned a solid reputation in the International Logistics and Freight industry over the last ten years. We guarantee that all our services come with 100% customer satisfaction. We stay with your cargo right from the point of origin and do not consider our jobs done until the truck is finally unloaded at the point destination and the cargo’s delivery has been checked, approved, accepted, and signed for. We will work with you to solve problems where we can through the delivery process as well, so that you can stay rest assured that your precious cargo is in the right hands. You can contact us online, via phone or email and we will be more than happy to be of any assistance.